Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Tackling the Bathroom Grime Part 2

Welcome to Part 2.

After re-reading the Real Simple post that I found a few days ago,
I decided there was a greener way to go about this.

Enter, re-nest.

They did a post on using a grapefruit
& salt to scrub the bathtub.
No wasting of rags or paper towels.
Totally natural.
And free.

Well, I didn't have any grapefruit laying around
but I did have lemons.
So I cut a lemon in half,
sprinkled some salt on each half
and scrubbed away.

Pros: Smelled delightful. No chemicals. Only two items needed. Easy to clean up my clean up supplies.
Cons: Lemon seeds don't fit down my drain. Difficult to get in the corners and crevices.

Overall review: I will be using this method again. I think it's great for in between cleaning jobs but the bathtub cracks and crevices still need some TLC.

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